“These are SUCH good photos. Seriously. I can’t believe these are unretouched. Everyone looks like a neutrogena model. Jacob, little did we know we were in the presence of a master.” -NYC Corporate Client

"Jacob was a DREAM. He was incredibly easy-going, and made me feel comfortable from the moment I walked in. For anyone who is shy or self- conscious in front of the camera, he has some great tricks to get you out of your shell.  He is extremely talented and will capture your money-shot, no doubt. Jacob for the WIN!" -Angela T.


"I've shown it to a handful of casting directors and they love it, really love it, they say it's all the things a great headshot should be: simple, clean, good colors, and an honest portrayal of my essence. If you don't take my word for it, take theirs, you are very good at what you do."  -Thomas C.


"I loved my experience with Jacob.  He made me feel comfortable throughout the entire shoot.  He was totally willing to help me explore the type of shots I thought I wanted while guiding me to what would turn out best!  I ended up with a bunch of different shots that I can use for various occasions and I am especially happy with the white background look that Jacob is so great with.  It was an enjoyable couple hours and I got some awesome pictures, honestly my favorite yet!  Thanks Jacob!"      -Melissa J.


"Jacob immediately makes you feel at ease! It's like a fun party devoted to your face! He gives you so many awesome options in just two hours. These [photos] are awesome!! Thank you!! "      -Katie H.


"Jacob is such a blast to work with.  He helped me navigate through tons of different characters in just two hours and every time I was feeling stuck, he would say the perfect thing to get me out my rut!  He is fun, efficient, and affordable!  Not to mention, I couldn't be happier with the end product!! I will definitely be going back to him :)"    -Archana R.


"With Jacob, you're not only going to get some great looking shots, but you're also going to have a really good time in the process! He creates the kind of fun and relaxing environment that brings out and captures your most playful and honest moments."  -Travis A.


"I had an awesome experience with Jacob. You are definitely in good hands with this guy. He made me feel completely comfortable and was very genuine, not to mention visibly great at what he does with a camera. He created a really relaxing and fun environment with some music and great conversation that led to killer shots."  -Michael W.